Top Entry Agitator Agrochemicals Customized Agitators
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Top Entry Agitator Agrochemicals Customized Agitators

Business Background:
TENGYU has stood for the highest level of development and manufacturing expertise in the field of agitator technology for more than 30 years. We always put the client benefits and reliability of agitator as the first priority. No matter the project size and complexity, you can always find the optimum agitation system for any mixing task: Whether it be for dispresing, suspending, gassing, homogenization or the required heat supply or heat removal. At TENGYU, we offer the right agitator system for every challenge.
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Product Description:
The high efficiency axial flow agitator is able to easily solve the problem of homogenous suspension of solidliquid mixture. Also prevent the formation of crystals from being destroyed in crystallization agitation.

Impellers Option:


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