Magnetic Drive Pumps

The first generation of magnetic pump in China was born here. Tengyu brand magnetic pump has won high praise from domestic and foreign customers.

Centrifugal Pumps

We provide a wide range of products. Based on the needs of clients' working conditions, we are able to provide customers with tailor-made products.


From simple storage tanks to complex fermentation tanks and polymerization tanks, Tengyu Mix has tens of thousands of successful application cases.

Process Units

Tengyu process units are widely used in pharmaceutical, fine chemical, cosmetic, bioengineering, food, beverage and other industries.
Industry-leading Supplier Of Fluid Equipment
Tengyu enterprise is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise that integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and sales of fluid conveying equipment and fluid mixing equipment. Tengyu is rated as a national high-tech enterprise and member of the National Technical Committee 211 on pumps of Standardization Administration of China(SAC/TC211).

For more than 30 years of development, Tengyu focus on technology-led.We have actively carried out cooperation with top universities from China and the United States. Tengyu independently owned Tengyu pump & valve research institute, mixing laboratory and so on. Also, Tengyu has established provincial technology research and development center. It has fully automatic product testing system, which ensures the quality and stability of the products.
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Company News
A basic introduction to Magnetic Drive Pumps

A basic introduction to Magnetic Drive PumpsMagnetic Drive Pumps is a new type of sealless pump that uses the principle of permanent magnet drive technology to achieve non-contact transmission of torque. There is no mechanical connection between the driving shaft and the driven shaft......

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Company News
How To Correctly Select The Matching Motor Power Of The Pump

I believe that many customers often find that when purchasing pumps, the pumps selected by different manufacturers sometimes have different motor powers. In response to this case, today we will talk about how to correctly select the matching motor power of the pump.

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Company News
Reasons For Demagnetization Of Magnetic Drive Pumps

During the use of magnetic drive pump, some users reported that the magnetic steel was demagnetized, which caused the pump to fail to operate normally. Therefore, they considered that the quality of the magnetic steel was a problem. However, after many years of experience accumulated from after-sale

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