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Self Suction Centrifugal Pump Self Priming Pumps

ZX self-suction pump is applicable for environment protection,architecture,fire control,chemical ,pharmaceutical ,printing and dying,brewing,electirc power,paper-making
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The self priming centrifugal pump is developed according ISO2858 standard, there are ZX self priming centrifugal pumps, ZW self priming non-clog degree pump, FZB(PZB)fluoroplastic self priming pump corrosion resistance pump and the CYZ-A self priming centrifugal oil pump. CYZ-A self priming centrifugal oil pump is widely used in oil industry, land oil depot, oil tank truck, etc. It is suitable for bilge pump, fire pump and so on. It can also be used as a scavenging pump on water vessels, and the cleaning effect is very good. If you choose using corrosion-resistant mechanical seal and stainless steel material, the pump can also be used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, brewing, electroplating, printing, papermaking, power mine and other industries.

The self priming centrifugal pump has simple structure, so it is easy to operate and repair. It has high efficiency, long service life, stable opeartion and strong self priming ability. There is no need to install the bottom valve in the pipeline, only need to ensure that the pump body is stored with a certain amount of liquid before work. Thus simplifying the plumbing system and improving working conditions.

Typical Uses:
The medium temperature should be less or equal to 80ºC. This product is widely apply to:

Chemical Industry

Petroleum Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Biological Industry

Nuclear Power Plant

Nonferrous Metal

Food Industry

Automotive Industry

Municipal Water Supply



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