Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive In-Line Chemical Process Peripheral Pumps
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Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive In-Line Chemical Process Peripheral Pumps

Product Description:
CQG Magnetic Pipeline Pump is a new model vertical magnetic pump that designed on the foundation of IHG vertical pipeline pump. CQG has the advantages of IHG pump and perfectly combined with magnetic drive, thus CQG can transfer liquid without leakage.

CQG magnetic pipeline pump can be directly mounted to any position on the pipeline. For the convenience of user to replace, pressurizing the conveying medium in the pipeline can directly replace the original IHG pump
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  • CQG Series

  • Tengyu Brand

1. Vertical installation, compact structure, small space occupying area.
2. Easy installation, the inlet and outlet diameter is the same and on the same axis, which can be used as part of any pipeline.
3. Using the one of the world's most outstanding hydraulic model to reduce energe consumption.
4. Using the high magnetic perormance of permanent magnetic material to ensure enough magnetic torque.
5. The lower eddy current insulation sleeve design gives higher efficiency to the pump.
6. The specially designedlubrication cooling system and the automatic balance of axial force ensure the safe operation of the pump.
7. The sliding bearing is made of superior material and with the advanced hydrodynamic lubrication structure, the reliability of the pump and the life of the bearing are guaranteed.

Typical Uses:
The wearing part of CQG series pump is stainless steel, the pump can be used to transfer not only water, but also corrosive medium, expensive liquid or the other physcial and chemical medium. The medium temperature should be less or equal to 120ºC. This product is widely apply to:

Chemical Industry Petroleum Industry Pharmaceutical Industry
Biological Industry
Nuclear Power Plant Nonferrous Metal
Food Industry Automotive Industry Municipal Water Supply




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