Magnetic Drive Permanent Magnet Induction Transmission Sealless Agitator Mixer
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Magnetic Drive Permanent Magnet Induction Transmission Sealless Agitator Mixer

Agitator is widely used in industrial production. Traditional agitators are equipped with packing seals or mechanical seals to prevent media leakage. Since these seals are dynamic seals, leakage cannot be completely avoided. The leakage phenomenon has always been difficult to be prevented in industrial production. 
To cope with this application, Tengyu has successfully developed  magnetic agitators MTC series based on our many years of production experience in magnetic drive pumps.
MTC series magnetic transmission agiktators. This device applies a permanent magnetic coupling to the stirring equipment. Since the magnetic coupling transmits torque without contact, the traditional dynamic seal is replaced by a static seal, thus completely solving the leakage problem that the previous dynamic seal could not solve. This equipment is the best equipment preferred by petrochemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, bioengineering and scientific research institutions and other departments.
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Magnetic non leakage Agitators:

When the self-priming agitator is running at a high speed, a high-speed rotating vortex is generated on the back of the impeller, and the negative pressure in the vortex is relatively large. The gas on the liquid surface is sucked through the hollow stirring shaft and then thrown out of the impeller, and the continuous running gas is continuously sucked into the deep liquid. phase and form a homogeneous gas-liquid mixing system. Realize high-efficiency gas-liquid contact and strengthen the gas-liquid mass transfer process.

Features of Agitators Mixers:

● Larger inspiratory volume per unit time;

● The gas-liquid two-phase distribution in the kettle is more uniform, and the mixing effect is better;

● The diameter of the bubble is smaller, and the gas-liquid contact area per unit volume is greatly increased;

● Compared with the traditional production process, it reduces the discharge of three wastes, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving;

● Compact and beautiful structure, no need for a large number of circulation auxiliary devices, low investment and simple operation;

● Adapt to wider process requirements, volume: 10L-20000L stirred tank, temperature: 0-300℃, pressure: 0-10Mpa;

● The traditional dynamic seals (packing seals and mechanical seals) are replaced by static seals, which completely solves the leakage problem that cannot be overcome by dynamic seals. It has the characteristics of no leakage, full sealing, corrosion resistance and energy saving. Its lubrication system meets the working conditions below 300 ℃.

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