External or Internal High Viscocity Gear Pumps
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External or Internal High Viscocity Gear Pumps

This pump is suitable to carry various oils such as the thick oil,diesel fuel and lubricator,animal and vegetable oil. Take care that the media temperature should not surpass 70°C 。The KCB pump has safely valve itself when the pump works under high pressure. There are cast iron, and stainless steel materials.  Shaft seal has three tpyes of option: mechanical seal; stuffing seal,skeleton oil seal.
  • KCB/2CY
  • Tengyu Brand

Tengyu gear pump uses the actions of rotating cogs or gears to transfer fluids.  The rotating element develops a liquid seal with the pump casing and creates suction at the pump inlet.  Fluid, drawn into the pump, is enclosed within the cavities of its rotating gears and transferred to the discharge.  There are two basic designs of gear pump: internal gear pump and external gear pump.



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