Best Selling HCl Acid Alkali Chemical Fluid Pump
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Best Selling HCl Acid Alkali Chemical Fluid Pump

Product Description:

IHF series pumps are fluoroplastic lined single stage suction chemical pumps. Its rating performance and overall dimensions are developed according ISO2858. The IHF pump has advantages on compact structure, reliable performance, high efficiency and easy to use and maintain.

They are applicable for petroleum,chemical industry,pharmacy,electric force,papar-making,pesticide.......
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  • Tengyu Brand

PTFE/PFA-Lined Mechanical Seal Chemical Process Pump

Their casing is lined with high quality, corrosion and permeation-resistant PFA/PTFE. The thick PFA/PTFE lining is anchored vacuum-tight to the metal reinforcement. This absorbs the mechanical loads caused by the system pressure or by pipeline forces. The intelligent modular system makes assembly easier and reduces the costs for spare parts, maintenance and repair to a minimum.



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