Self Priming Magnetic Drive Water Pump
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Self Priming Magnetic Drive Water Pump

CQ-Z magnetic self priming pump is a seal-less centrifugal pump, that belongs to the new generation self priming pump. CQ-Z magnetic self priming pump is the best substitute for the ordinary self priming pump. CQ-Z is perfect for the pump that needs to move frequently or the pump sits higher than the liquid level. Thus, it is one of the most popular product in Tengyu. CQ-Z pump is very cost effective, easy to use and maintain. It has relatively simple structure, so it is very easy to repair or change wearing parts.
  • CQ-Z Series
  • Tengyu Brand

1. Simple operation, no need to inject liquid before starting.
2. Special inlet that has stainless steel non-return valve to ensure that the medium does not backflow.
3. High efficiency, and no need to install bottom valve.
4. Using the simple external mixing self priming structure, that has strong self priming ability.

Typical Uses:
The wearing part of CQZ series pump is stainless steel, the pump can be used to transfer not only water, but also corrosive medium, expensive liquid or the other physcial and chemical medium. The medium temperature should be less or equal to 120ºC. This product is widely apply to:

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